The origin of the Mula’s Drummers Association was a meeting that took place on Sunday 4th March 1979, where the drummers of Mula attended to discuss the tradition. That meeting originated a committee which was chaired by Diego Cervantes, and Salvador Llorente was the Secretary. The aim of that committee was to work on keeping the tradition and get adepts at drumming.
The festival was acquiring importance with the time, so a management commission was created on 5th July 1987 with the goal of establishing an association to represent the drummers. On 7th January 1988, the statutes were approved and the Mula’s Drummers Association was funded.
logo of the association


When the Mula’s Drummers Association was funded in 1988, the chosen logo to represent it was the Castle. At the bottom of the logo, there was a drum with drumsticks crossed over it, as well as the association’s name arc-like.
On 3rd March 1990, the logo changed to the logo designed by Paco Verdú, and it was called “Panganico”, the left handed drummer. That logo has been representing the Mula’s Drummers Association since then.
Niño pequeño tocando un tambor


The Drum School was originated in 1989, a year after the creation of the Drummers Association, with the aim of promoting the drumming among the youngest residents in Mula. In school, the pupils learn the traditional drumming and how to assembly the drums, as well as values such as respect and participation in the “tamborada” (drum parade).

The instructors, who are experienced drummers, teach the pupils how to play the drum, using a method based in the school own nomenclature Throughout the year, the pupils practise with big lorry inner tubes.

Every year, in the previous days to the Drums Night, it takes place the “Closing Ceremony” in the theatre Lope de Vega. This ceremony marks the end of the school course and the pupils show what they have learned.


XXX Anniversary of the Mula’s Drummers Association


In 2018, the Association had its thirtieth anniversary. The Association’s members have been working for thirty years on keeping the drumming tradition. Some of the highlights are the creation of the Drum School in 1989 and the celebration of the IX, XVII and XXXIII National Days of Exaltation of the Drum and Bass Drum of Mula in 1994, 2002 and 2018.


Imagen conmemorativa del 30º Aniversario de la Asociación de Tamboristas de Mula